PDNU's strength is in purchasing, merchandising and online distribution. With our proprietary softwares and long-term established relationships, PDNU has developed advantages to excel in the online world. We have the experts in-house!

Our advantage is that our brand portfolio provides our customers with a variety of desirable brands, protecting manufacturers visibility for direct distribution to off price markets. This also allows for additional leverage for liquidating inventory. Our management is experienced with e-commerce sales since 1997 with major channels and has hands on experience with merchandising, marketing, programming and fulfillment. Long term relationships and top-notch performance have allowed primary placement on various channels and search engines.

Solutions: Full in-house e-commerce and inventory platforms with unique capabilities for a competitive advantage. Having a custom solution allows features beyond canned system capabilities. Leveraging inventory across multiple channels with buffers and safety margins prevent the dreaded short ships. We deliver!
Distribution: All major online channels, direct to consumer, wholesale, and private events with exposure to closed loop members. We represent many large brands online and own brands ourselves so we understand brand protection. Our merchandising department prices products to be competitive in the market and also researches product desirability to ensure profitability and reasonable turn rates.

Our secure locations offer fulfillment of high-end products with armed staff. We video inspect outgoing and incoming items with special packing stations. Our proprietary web-based inventory system allows us to utilize inventory from multiple locations anywhere in the world (this helps turn inventory wherever it sits). We have special shipping contracts for fast, reliable, and affordable shipping for wholesale and direct to consumer. Long established relationships with major shipping carriers such as Fedex and UPS allow first rate services at competitive pricing.

Phone: 218-565-PDNU (7368) M-F 9AM ET - 5PM ET
Corporate Headquarters: PDNU 20283 SR-7 BOCA RATON FL 33498